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Fire Spell / Tulen Synty
00:00 / 06:22
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Fire in the North Sky – Saatuja Sanoja
Epic Tales from Finland
This evocative, musically rich performance draws from Kalevala, Finland’s national epic,
based on folk poems that were sung across Finland, Estonia and Karelia for centuries.
This performance returns the story and music to their oral, varied roots.

This show is created and performed by the UK’s leading Kalevala storyteller and Adverse
Camber’s artist partner, Nick Hennessey and three of Finland’s leading folk musicians, all
of whom are academics at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki – Kristiina
Ilmonen(percussion, flutes, vocals), Anna-Kaisa Liedes (singer) and Timo
Väänänen (kantele, pyngyr, vocals).

Fire in the North Sky is a collection of stories and episodes which, combined with
beautiful and evocative music, take us on a journey through the Finnish landscape
alongside magnificent adventures, uncovering great human emotion and dramas, amidst a
sea of rich characters. It gives you the authentic flavour of the ancient epic as well as
modern, lively interpretations of the characters, stories and songs.

Fire in the North Sky is a bold, original show, which toured for the first time across the UK
in 2015, it presents a rare opportunity to experience authentic Kalevala stories in English
and a ‘contemporary ancient’ style of folk music, which is quirky, beautiful and uniquely

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